DDMoRe Language Community at PAGE 2017, Budapest, Hungary

There are plans for the DDMoRe Language Community to meet at the PAGE 2017 conference held in Budapest, Hungary from 6-9 June.

Current plans are to meet up with Rikard Nordgren at the PsN stand in the exhibit area at 13:45pm on Thursday 8th.

Also, look out for the poster I-14 “Execution of complex Bayesian workflows with the DDMoRe Interoperability Framework: a case study in the diabetes area” by Christiana Larizza, Elisa Borella, Lorenzo Pasotti, Palma Tartaglione, Mike K Smith, Stuart Moodie and Paolo Magni. The poster will show how the DDMoRe language standards have been employed to compare non-Bayesian models fitted using NONMEM with the Bayesian estimation which incorporate uncertainty in the pharmacokinetic parameters, estimated using BUGS. The DDMoRe interoperability framework uses the language standards to facilitate unbroken workflow using a number of modelling and simulation tools.